The benefits of lemon are numerous! Lemons are small yellow, oval-shaped, fruit grown on the evergreen tree, Citrus limonium. They are low in calories and rich in nutrients. They have the benefits of vitamins B, high amounts of vitamin C, citric acid, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and a small amount of protein. Lemon pulp, peel and juice are used in a many ways. Lemons are antibacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic. They have antioxidants benefits! Improve health, inside and out, with lemons!


Astringent ( tighten skin )
Brighten Skin
Clear Acne and Get Rid of Blackheads
Fade Dark Spots, Discolorations, Freckles and Scars
Lighten Skin
Soothe Sunburns


1) Mix 1 mashed banana with a 3 drops of diluted lemon juice. Helps clear and smooth skin.

2) Mix 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 drop of sweet almond oil and 3 drops of diluted lemon juice for a homemade facial mask. Apply mixture to face, let stand for 15 – 20 minutes then rinse with water. Gently dry with towel. This helps reduce visible signs of pre-mature aging.

3) Drink water with lemon everyday. The benefits of drinking water with lemons can provide an natural, healthy, glow to skin. It purges toxins from blood and purifies skin. If you are looking for ways of how to clear acne, how to detox or how to improve skin tone, this is a super easy way to start!

The Mayo Clinic suggests the 8 x 8 Rule. This rule suggests drinking eight glasses of water, of eight ounce size, everyday. Warm water reduces the size of pores and helps get rid of blackheads. Water replenishes skin tissue, moisturizes, increases elasticity and improves blood circulation. Acne may seem to be getting worse, at first, because water or lemon water is flushing toxins out of the body. Clearing acne can be stressful, but do not worry, this acne condition is only temporary. Acne break outs will less likely occur once the toxins have been purged from the body.

Lemon water helps balance the natural pH level of skin. It exfoliates dead skin cells. It has antioxidants benefits! It neutralizes free radicals that damage skin. Dark spots, discolorations, fine lines, scars, and wrinkles can all begin to fade. Drinking lemon water helps provide a natural, glowing, appearance! There are many benefits of lemon water for skin!

There are benefits of lemon juice, but it is mildly acidic. This antioxidant juice may sting, temporarily, when applied to skin. You may want to dilute lemon juice, with water, before applying to skin. Apply a small amount to skin, gently, with a soft cotton ball. This helps prevent blackheads, reduce fine lines or wrinkles, lighten dark patches and fade scars.

Lemon essential oil is found in commercial and homemade beauty products. It has a balance of astringent and moisturizing properties. It helps rid of blackheads, reduces cellulite, helps get rid of dandruff and can improve scalp conditions. It is, especially, used in commercial and homemade shampoo for oily hair. Find it in scrubs, soaps, lotions, creams, lip balms and more!

Lemon essential oil can cause photosensitivity. Skin can burn and damage easier when exposed to any ultraviolet light, including sunlight. It can be safe to use, with simple precautions. For example, take a bath with lemon oil at night to avoid daylight hours.


Aid Digestion ( relieve constipation )
Aromatherapy Benefits ( uplifting, anti-depressant )
Boost Immune System
Cleanse Liver
Detox Your Body
Fights Infections ( urinary tract, insect bites, )
Lower Blood Pressure
Lower Risk of Cancer ( colon, prostate, breast )
Prevent Common Cold
Raise HDL ( good cholesterol )
Relieve Asthma
Relieve Gingivitis ( freshen breath, relieve tooth pain )
Relieve Nausea
Relieve Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis
Promote Heart Health
Weight Reduction ( fight hunger cravings )


A good quantity of folks have at some point in their lives been hunting for a way to lose weight. They have gone on some genuinely strange diets following some of the gurus with out any facts to back their claim. What if I told you that there are foods that in fact help you shed weight? There are a lot of foods that can support fat loss, like fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are known to be healthy but many individuals don’t comprehend how they can support you to shed unwanted pounds due to their unfavorable calorie effect.

When you are consuming the foods that burn a lot more calories than you take in, you are in a position to shed weight more quickly simply because your body did not have power left more than to turn into fat cells. Another benefit of eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is that these that are high in vitamin C like lemons, oranges, apples, tomatoes, broccoli, and watermelon can really burn
off your physique fat making it that a lot less complicated for it to be flushed out.

Apples help burn fat, since it consists of a large amount of pectin. Pectin helps to prevent your body from absorbing fat. It actually assists to melt the fat. The pectin also operates to suppress your appetite so you don’t really feel like snacking which tends to lead to overeating. Studies have shown that if you eat an apple ahead of a meal you can shed up to thirty 3 percent a lot more weight. This seems like an easy way to lose weight.

Also, raw figs are one more one of those uncommon foods that aid you lose weight. This fruit consists of ficain, which is an enzyme that helps clean the colon and detoxify your body. This can help you to shed up to ten pounds inside one week. Moreover, tiny current research have verified that this fruit does assist promote weight loss. All you need to have to do is add half of a grapefruit to your daily diet regime and you can shed weight. There is a compound found in grapefruit that lowers insulin levels which assists you to really feel complete. This has been the basis of the popular Grapefruit Dietprogram that was produced in the 1930′s.

Moreover, there are a lot of other food groups that help you shed weight as well. If you get pleasure from a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables it will assist you with your quest to shed weight. Their unfavorable calorie impact means that you will burn a lot more calories than you eat. Since of this, I think about fruits and vegetables to be the greatest foods that aid you lose weight and stay wholesome.

Woman wants to have a glowing skin that looks always radiant, healthy, and beautiful. It is a charming feel that underlies in every woman’s mind to look fresh and young. There are various reasons that disturb the health of the skin like age factor, pigmentation during pregnancy, growing pollution in air, exposure to ultraviolet rays, and using chemical products that harms skin texture externally and internally. It is necessary for one to take a proper skin care to avoid many problems of acne, black spots, darkness, wrinkles, dark circles.

Skin reflects your age and beauty, and it is not a big deal to have a beautiful skin. You need not have to panic, just use simple, natural and safe methods to avoid skin irritations and problems. If you have a glowing skin, you look young, beautiful, charming and self confident. There are many chemical products in market for skin care, but prolonged usage can reflect adversely on later stage. Moreover applying creams and using cosmetics alone cannot bring change in your skin. Intake of nutritious food also helps in improving good skin completion. You need to do certain important things in order to keep your skin healthy and look ever young. Cleansing your skin daily is good as it removes all the dirt particles that settle while you move out in pollution. Doing exercise also helps to improve your skin complexion as there is better blood circulation in the body. Sleeping is another important thing that can help in adding glow to your skin as the body and mind relax. Constant relaxation helps to keep your mind cool and stable that reflects on your skin texture. Consuming plenty of water can also help in reducing skin problems as the waste that accumulates is removed from the body easily.

Mostly woman are busy in their hectic life styles either as a housewife, professional or as a nursing mother. They hardly get time to concentrate on their health, personal andbeauty care. There are many herbal products for skin care in online as well traditional market. Here you can buy the exact skin care product that can handle your skin problem in safe manner with all the ingredients information available in detail.

Herbal skin care products help to improve your skin health and radiance. They are reliable and have no side effects as the other chemical products that harm in long run. If you are looking for herbal products to treat your skin problems, look for online portals that are offering a great variety of herbal products. You can buy them with simple procedures and learn about them through the information displayed on each and every herbal product that is branded. One of the popular online herbal portals, HerbsDaily is the most reliable herbal products supplier offering different range of products for different health ailments. It can improve the glow of skin and enhance your beauty. You can use herbal supplement that helps to get vitamins and minerals in your body. You can buy herbs, vitamins and other herbal supplements that can improve your body health and also skin radiance.

The increasing competition creates stress on the ground and has compelled many take drugs that are harmful for health. These are addictive and risky so must be avoided. Moreover, drug consumption is strongly condemned everywhere. As such, athletes and sportspersons have to undergo DOB drug test before any championship.

If one really wants to enhance performance then use natural supplementation program such as Sports Nutrition. It is a complete health program for contenders. Certified ingredients are used in the supplement. The supplement is made to correct the dietary regime of the sportspersons. Regular intake of the diet will improve one’s workout routine that ultimately brings success. This specific dietary supplement is recommended for enhanced muscular strength, toned body and short recovery time. It also found good for lowering cardiovascular risks in a person. For this reason, sportspersons and bodybuilders use it for smashing performances. It helps contenders make new records in their respective sports during competition.

Well, this was for athletes. Another most widely used supplement is of HCG diet that can be used by anybody. HCG is a naturally existing hormone that augments fat burning process in the body. The supplement targets all unwanted body fat stored in lower abdomen, thighs, hip and buttocks. Most of them take it to stay forever slim and healthy. It works effectively when taken orally under the tongue. It easily gets absorbed in to the blood and accelerates body function. The effects of the supplement could be seen in a person in the form of slim body and smooth, young skin. It is believed to delay aging in people. Hence the product is highly recommended for overall fitness worldwide.

The supplements, Sports Nutrition and HCG diet are accessible through the internet. These supplements do what they say. But beware of the bogus products online. There are so many products that claim to show effective results but the results are not so good. So it is important to do thorough research work to find the right dietary supplements. These are a key to sound body and mind. Numerous people have used the products and found them very satisfying. Both the supplements help people restore health naturally. These are highly effective and do not cause any kind of side effects. Hundreds and thousands of people, including different sportspersons have been benefited from them. So it is now your turn to order and witness positive changes in your body and health. These are made to add vigor and health to body unbiased.

Body growth is an essential part of life process. There are multiple factors determining growth of body cells. Factors influencing the increase in height can be either physical or psychological in origin. Activation from Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the important factors determining the increase in body weight. Following a balanced diet schedule, regular doing of stretching exercises and intake of certain medications are some best recommended natural techniques to increase height and body growth. Dietschedule plays an important role in maintaining proper health and wellbeing of person. In order to promote the natural growth of body cells, people are advised to follow a well- balanced nutritious diet schedule. Let’s see some best recommended foods that increase height and body growth.

As per studies, protein is found to be as an important factor determining the growth and repair of body tissues. Those people who wish to increase their height are advised to include at least 45 grams to 55 grams of proteins per day. Protein is well known as the building block of body cells. For user assistance, today you can find a good number of protein products in online market stores. Some of the best protein rich foods that increase height and body growth include nuts, eggs, fish, milk, soya bean and meat. It improves the growth of bones and cartilages and increases height naturally with no health risks. For attaining best result, people are advised to include two to three glasses of milk and three to six eggs in their daily diet schedule.

Inclusion of vitamin D rich food sources in diet is found to be very effective in increasing height and body growth. Increasing calcium absorption from food is one of the important health advantages of including vitamin D food items in diet. This in turn improves the strength and growth of bones cells. Egg yolk, fish and liver are some of the main food sources enriched with vitamin D concentration. Apart from improving height, intake of vitamin D rich food items are also found to be very beneficial for improving immunity strength, preventing multiple sclerosis and relieving arthritis.

Similar to vitamin D, intake of vitamin A enriched food is an effective natural technique to increase height naturally. For obtaining best result, people are advised to intake 4000 to 5000 IU of vitamin A daily. Nowadays, you can easily get vitamin A products from online market stores in the form of extracts and powders. Some of the best recommended vitamin A enriched foods that increase height and body growth include fish cod, egg yolk, salmon, liver and broccoli. Antioxidant property enriched in these food items repairs and promotes the growth of bone cells.

Proper inclusion of minerals in diet is a natural technique to increase height and body growth. For supplying adequate amount of minerals to body cells, people are advised to include a good amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in diet schedule. In order to obtain satisfactory result, people are also advised to do yoga and swimming exercises.

Blood cleansing plays a vital role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of person. Herbal remedies are found to be very beneficial for purifying blood cells. Best herbal remedies flushes out toxins without inducing any adverse action on user. Accumulation of blood, if left untreated can induce several health risks on person. Eczema, ringworm, psoriasis and boils are some main health disorders reported due to untreated accumulation of blood toxins. Triphala, a common ingredient used for the preparation of herbal supplements is a best recommended herb for blood cleansing in ayurveda. It is a powerful blend of ayurvedic herbs like amalakai, bibhitaki and haritaki. Triphala powder has been used for centuries for treating a wide range of health disorders like poor blood circulation and high cholesterol. Powerful antioxidant property present in triphala powder reduces free radical mechanism and prevents the risk of wrinkles on skin surface.

Neem, well known for antibiotic and anti-inflammatory property is a widely suggested herb for blood cleansing in ayurveda. It acts internally and prevents a wide range of health disorders like eczema, psoriasis and jaundice. For user assistance, today you can easily get neem products from market in the form of capsules, extracts and oils. Those people suffering from skin disorders due to blood impurities are advised to do regular body massaging using neem oil. It eliminates toxins from blood cells and reduces the risk of health disorders safely. Diet schedule plays an important role in maintaining a healthy life. Celery, cucumber, beetroot, grape and lemon are some best recommended food sources by health practitioners. In order to reduce the risk of adverse action, people are also advised to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Dandelion root, an active ingredient in herbal tonics is an effective herb for blood cleansing in ayurveda. It beholds a strong alkalinizing effect on body and neutralizes acid in body for good health. At present, you can easily get dandelion root products from online market stores in versatile forms. Similar to dandelion root, goldenseal is an efficient herb for blood cleansing in ayurveda. It has been used for decades for purifying blood, liver, kidney and skin cells. It fights against bacteria and prevents the risk of infections naturally. Treating diarrhea, curing acne and controlling blood sugar level are other main health benefits of using golden seal extract.

Tinospora cordifolia, best known as guduchi is a widely suggested herb for blood cleansing in ayurveda. It is found to be very effective for cleansing blood of urea. As per research, extract of this herbal remedy is well known for antibacterial, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in treating a wide range of health disorders like diabetes mellitus, leprosy and intestinal worms. Regualr intake of this natural cure enhances immunity strength and minimizes the risk of health disorders. Apart from curing physical problem, regular intake of tinospora cordifolia also helps in treating psychological health disorders like stress, anxiety and depression. Similar to guduchi, other best recommended herbs for blood purification in ayurvada include rubia cordifolia, garlic, burdock root and echinacea.

The Apoptosis

All cells are mortal. They may be developed to die at some time. This mechanism allows one’s body to keep up homeostasis. The existing cells die to permit the spreading of younger cells. When cells experience toxic substances, they trigger their suicide button to offer the toxin. The operation of programmed cell death is named apoptosis. This is the response to studies in Cancer Translational Research.

That is one treatment tactic explored in cancer translational research, a discipline blending laboratory and clinical findings to supply solutions, for example diagnostic treatment, effective and safe treatment and prevention strategy, for the public health threat – cancer. Each time a normal body cell keeps on splitting up and propagate throughout the body thereby triggering physiologic distress, they may be called cancer cells. The idea of apoptosis as a management of cancer is based on the prediction that cancer cells could possibly be developed to die using the apoptotic pathway.

Apoptosis and chemotherapy

It absolutely was discovered that chemotherapeutic drugs work by either inducing apoptosis or causing direct injury to the cellular structure. Thus, you can reason that apoptosis like a treatment solutions are every bit as good since the present chemotherapy. What benefits than does the apoptosis cancer translational research offer?

Apoptotic studies are not futile at all. Inhibition of anti-apoptotic proteins, Bcl-2 family and IAPs was discovered to function in eradicating cancer cells in animal models. Chemical agents, though usually do not cause direct cell death, were found to bar an upstream pathway of apoptosis. They are Herceptin for breast cancers, Iressa for united states, and Gleevec for CML. All these agents have been in the trial stage. A promising treatment strategy for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is Rituximab, an antibody directed towards the B cell antigen B220 in the cancer cells.

Suggested mechanism of action of Rituximab may be the induction of apoptosis. A protein called p-53 was found to induce apoptosis. A chemical agent MDM2 was found to activate p-53 thereby arrests cell cycle and initiate cell death. Scientists may also be taking a look at cure strategy combining chemotherapy and apoptosis. They debate that this tactic is a bit more apt to be curative. Another proposed strategy involving apoptosis is eliminating a nutrient supply of cancer cells by killing the bloodstream supplying them. This strategy was found in order to work in animal models concerning the protein tumor necrosis factor (TNF).

The apoptotic mechanism supplies an effective strategy in cancer translational research. Rapid development in the field of apoptosis and also the novel agents is cause for optimism.

Vitamin C plays a vital role in how the body functions, even though it is only considered a micronutrient. Vitamin C is essential to immune function, iron absorption, bone building, wound healing, healthy skin, blood pressure and eyesight. Because vitamin C is vital to so many of the bodies functioning maintaining appropriate levels within the body is important. Vitamin C acts as a catalyst within the body, speeding up chemical reactions using less energy. Without these catalysts due to a deficiency, normal body functions breakdown, exposing the body to disease.
Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin also known as ascorbic acid. Humans are one of the few animals who can no longer produce vitamin C within the body and it cannot be stored in the body either. Excess amounts of vitamin C are excreted from the body, so it is necessary to replenish the body with vitamin C regularly. It is often thought of as an antioxidant, however it is actually a redox agent. This means that under some circumstances it acts as an antioxidant while in other cases it acts as an oxidant. When acting as an antioxidant vitamin C inhibits cellular damage from free radicals.
Although vitamin C has many uses within the body its main function is in the formation of collagen. Collagen is one of the most abundant fibers contained within connective tissue, which gives us our form and supports organs. Collagen can be found in cartilage, skin, bone, teeth, tendons, ligaments, fascia, organs and separating different types of cells. This is why vitamin C is such an important and vital supplement so that the body physically holds together.
Even though vitamin C’s role in collagen synthesis is important it plays a role in several other areas of the body as well. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron, which benefits in treating cases of iron deficiency anemia. It protects fat-soluble vitamins A and E and fatty acids from oxidation. It also helps in the absorption of calcium. Taken at the onset of a cold, vitamin C has been shown to reduce the severity of ones symptoms, boosting the body’s immune response. Vitamin C has been shown to lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients. It reduces the risk for age related macular degeneration and prevents the onset of cataracts by protecting the eye lens. Helps in the healing of wounds, repairing injuries and burns, prevents wrinkles, and stimulates bone formation.
Vitamin C is found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, watermelon, papaya, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, kiwi, mango, tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and kale. Vitamin C can be lost during food preparation, exposure to air, cooking, boiling and submersion in water. Its best to consume vitamin C in its raw form however ifcooking, boiling, or steaming limit the amount of water and time the food is submerged. Once fruits or vegetables are cut, store in sealed containers inside the refrigerator to minimize the nutrient damage. In most cases there is enough nutrients remaining after processing for a daily supply. The recommended daily allowance for vitamin C is 60-90 mg a day.
Vitamin C deficiency can lead to scurvy, which is rarely seen now a days except in alcoholics. Symptoms of scurvy includes bleeding, loose teeth, inflamed gums, easy bruising, poor healing, anemia, pain in joints, muscle wasting. Lowered levels of vitamin C lead to gall bladder disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, stroke and cancer. Symptoms of vitamin C deficiency include fatigue, depression, irritability, weight loss and weakness. Although vitamin C is water-soluble this doesn’t mean it should be taken in excess. Higher doses of vitamin C can be taken if you smoke or during times of fever or infection. However extended excess doses can cause stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, increased risk of kidney stones, jaundice, back pain, fever, vomiting, headaches and itchiness.
Vitamin C is an important part of a healthy diet, which keeps the body functioning and strong. Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables should supply your body with the adequate amounts of vitamin C. However supplement forms are available if your dietdoesn’t provide you with the appropriate amounts of nutrients.

Those diagnosed with diabetes should not wallow in depression-rather, they should fight back, reclaim the life that they deserve, and defeat diabetes naturally. Pills and medication to control blood glucose levels are fast and easy, but this course of treatment does not address the root cause of the disease. Type 2 diabetes is a condition brought about by an unhealthy lifestyle, and just as everyday decisions led to such a disease, so can little decisions help defeat diabetes. These everyday decisions pertain to the food that a person chooses to eat.

The most drastic change a patient can make to beat diabetes is to stop eating sugary foods, simple carbohydrates, and processed foods. Instead, a more sustainable, effective and long-term course of action to defeat diabetes naturally is to stick to a more healthy diet of vegetables and fruits. Fiber and protein are also important, instead of foods with sugars, corn syrup, and white flour. Cooking meals at home is a more healthy practice instead of relying on fast food, pre-cooked food, or processed food.

There are many simple food tips one can follow to start on the road to wellness. Almonds, for instance, have been recommended as a great snack for diabetics to munch on because it is rich in fiber and protein. Various food items have also been classified according to their glycemic index, or how fast their carbohydrate content triggers a rise in blood sugar. Naturally, avoiding foods with high glycemic index can help naturally defeat diabetes.

Among the foods with low glycemic index suitable for diabetics are vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, artichoke, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumber, and eggplant. Snacking is not prohibited for patients who wish to defeat diabetes naturally. They just need to choose the right foods. For snacks, diabetics can eat peanuts and low-fat yogurt, as long as it is artificially sweetened. Consuming more fruits is also a great way to beat diabetes. A proper and healthy diet leads to weight loss, which is another major lifestyle change that can help beat diabetes naturally.

Exercise and physical activity, of course, complements a healthy diet in making sure that a safe, effective and sustainable weight loss is achieved. Nothing beats cardiovascularexercise and physical activity in burning calories and using up excess blood sugar, to defeat diabetes naturally. Muscle-building strength training may also be beneficial for those who seek to beat diabetes naturally. Why is this so? Muscle power increases one’s metabolism, and therefore contributes to expending excess blood sugar more frequently throughout the day. Diabetics can defeat diabetes naturally with these difficult but ultimately rewarding lifestyle changes.

When a person is allowed to go home after being in a hospital environment for a long time, it’s common for that individual to feel a sense of relief mixed with a bit of fear. Members of the person’s family also often share those emotions. They may be wondering whether or not the individual who has just been discharged will be able to manage a lifestyle that doesn’t include the constant supervision of doctors and nurses.

Fortunately, 24-hour personal health care is a great solution for a person who is ready to adjust back to life at home, but can’t do so without a helping hand.

24-Hour Personal Health Care Offers Consistency

One of the advantages of this approach is it offers a person who is recovering access to a reliable source of assistance, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional support that’s needed. On the contrary, if a person’s family members decide to try and split the duties of care among themselves, that often leads to inconsistent results. Even if the people involved have the best of intentions, that doesn’t change the fact that they also have their own responsibilities to handle, and realistically may not be available around the clock.

Peace of Mind for Everyone

There are many companies that offer caregiver services during the daytime hours. Although those are helpful to a degree, they can also cause a client and his or her family members to undergo a great deal of stress. That’s simply because everyone is concerned about what might happen if an emergency occurs during outside the specific time of day when care is provided.

24-hour personal health care allows a client and his or her loved ones to rest assured that no matter what, comprehensive and compassionate help will always be available. That’s especially beneficial if someone who is just beginning to transition from a hospital stay does not have any relatives living nearby. Often in that situation, the distant relatives feel guilty knowing there is only so much they can do from afar. Hiring a professional caregiver who stays nearby through the day and night should alleviate anxiety for both the client and his or her loved ones.

24-Hour Personal Health Care Creates a Bridge to Independence

Although it is not realistic to expect a recently discharged person to immediately be able to resume an independent lifestyle, steps should be taken so the individual can gradually get back to a way of life that promotes independence as much as possible. That allows a client to feel dignified, but it’s important to have a caregiver around to supervise that transition.

Otherwise, a person might try to do things without help before he or she is truly ready. The caregiver can give encouragement for eventually doing things without assistance, but also make sure the client does not push him or herself too hard and possibly end up dealing with a recurrence of the same incident that initially required a hospital stay.

Now that you know a few of the reasons why 24-hour personal health care is a practical option for many clients and their family members, it may be easier to decide it would be helpful in a situation you are facing, as well.